Preventing Septic System Problems During Parties At Your House

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Flush after flush, guest after guest, an excessive amount of visitors at your home could mean one thing: septic system issues. Even though your septic system may handle the regular occupants in the house just fine, throw several dozen extra people into the scenario and a lot of flushed waste and you could start to see problems -- especially if it has been a while since you have had a septic tank service clean out your tank. To make sure your septic system doesn't go into meltdown mode while you are in the middle of a party, there are a few helpful things you should consider doing in advance.

Don't be afraid or ashamed to post 'non-flushable' signs.

Of course you want to be the perfect hostess and provide paper towels and all of the toilet paper necessary in the bathrooms of the house, but make sure guests know that they should just toss paper products in the trash. An overload of toilet paper, paper towels, feminine napkins, and other paper products could definitely be taxing on your septic system. Go ahead and make a few signs to post near the toilet so everyone knows not to flush these items. Additionally, swap out the tiny trash cans you normally use with receptacles that are a bit bigger.

Consider renting portable toilets.

It may sound a little overboard, but renting portable toilets for a massive party at your house is actually a good way to avoid problems with an over-taxed septic system. Porta potties are actually fairly affordable as well, costing between $100 to $175 for an entire weekend for each unit, which will cater to up to 50 guests for three hours. Not only will you save your septic system by renting portable toilets, you won't have to worry about guests having to wait in line for one bathroom or even opening up the extra bathroom in your master bedroom to your guests.

Check the health of your septic system before the party.

One of the easiest ways to avoid problems with your septic system before you have a major bash at your house is to have it assessed by a professional. Call up a septic tank service and have them take a look to ensure everything is in working order and pump the tank if it is needed. It will be much better to know what your septic system can handle in advance than to deal with problems in the middle of an event at your house.

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