New Drivers: How To Prepare For A Smog Test

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If you recently started driving, and you got a smog inspection notice in the mail, you need to take your vehicle in for a smog test. Here is how you can prepare for your first smog test. 

Change Your Oil

If your vehicle is getting close to its next recommended oil change, change your oil before you take your vehicle in for an admission test. When your oil is dirty, it can contribute to your emission from your vehicle reading higher than it should. If the oil in your vehicle is relatively new, and you are less than halfway to the next recommended oil change, you should be okay.

Replace Both Air & Fuel Filters

When you go in for a smog test, they are testing to make sure that the exhaust or smog that your vehicle emits is clean enough to meet emissions standards. One large element that contributes to your ability to pass is having clean air and fuel filters in your vehicle. If you can't remember the last time you have had your air or fuel filters changed, arrange to have new ones installed before you go in for your test. 

Take Care Of Check Engine Problems

If the check engine light on your vehicle is engaged, you need to take your vehicle to your mechanic and find out why the light is on. Once you find out why the light is on, you need to take the proper steps to fix the issue that is causing the light to be engaged. 

If you go in for a smog test and the check engine warning on your vehicle engages, you will fail no matter why it turned on, which is why you need to address why your light is coming on before you go in for your smog test. You don't want to pass the emissions standard but fail the test all because a light was on. 

Check Your Tires

Before you head on over for your smog test, check the pressure in your tires. The pressure should be at the level recommended for your vehicle. You can find this information in your owner's manual. When your tires are all filled properly, the weight of your vehicle is distributed evenly across all four tires. This will help you pass your smog inspection at a place like West Coast Smog.

On the day of your actual smog test, drive your vehicle around for at least a half hour or so before you go in. This will allow all your vehicle's systems to warm up and be operating at maximum efficiency when you take your smog test.