Tips To Keep Your Trash Safe From Common Pests

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Protecting your garbage can from common pests can seem as though it is a highly complicated or difficult task. Failing to successfully protect your garbage cans can result in trash being scattered throughout your property, which can represent a major chore to clean. For those that are struggling with keeping pests out of their garbage cans, it may be beneficial to use the following few preventative tips.

Strategically Use Ammonia

There are some people that may fail to appreciate the benefit of using ammonia as a deterrent to pests. However, the pungent odor of ammonia can be highly effective at preventing cats, raccoons and other animals from rummaging through your bins. This stems from the fact that the scent of ammonia is often noxious to these animals, and as a result, they will attempt to avoid it.

For the best effect, you should pour a small amount of ammonia into the bottom of the garbage can. Also, you may want to spray a cleaning solution that contains ammonia over the exterior of any garbage bags that you put in the bin.

Avoid Overfilling The Garbage Bin

It can be common for individuals to produce more trash than can comfortably fit inside their garbage bin. As a result, these individuals may leave the lid off the garbage container due to the amount of trash in the garbage bin. Sadly, this can make the garbage container a prime target for pests that want to rummage through the waste. Also, this can allow garbage to fall on the ground around the container, which can help to attract these pests to your yard. To minimize this risk, you should avoid filling the garbage can to the point where you can no longer securely put the lid in place. If you have more trash than can comfortably fit inside your garbage container, you will need to either contact the garbage collection service for an additional pickup or invest in a second garbage bin.

Regularly Clean The Garbage Bin

Insects can be another common problem for garbage bins. However, you can greatly reduce this problem by routinely washing the garbage bin. You can help make this task easier by drilling a small hole in the bottom of the garbage bin. This will allow you to simply spray the interior of the garbage bin with a garden hose to remove much of the filth that may be inside it. To help deodorize the garbage container, you can apply a small amount of dish soap to the interior of the garbage bin before rinsing it. By deodorizing the container, you can help to minimize any insect attracting odors that may be present. Contact a business, such as B-P Trucking Inc, for more information.