3 Tips For Paying Less For Your Heating Oil

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If you rely on heating oil as a method of heating your home, you might worry about paying too much for this oil. It's true that heating oil can get expensive, especially when your family goes through a lot of it throughout the course of the winter, but you can reduce costs. These are a few ways that you can pay less for the heating oil for your home.

1. Buy it During the Summer

One excellent trick for paying less for your heating oil is to buy it during the summer months. During the late fall and winter, heating oil delivery companies are often incredibly busy. During the summer months, however, many of them are hurting for business since people don't typically buy heating oil when it's hot outside. This can allow you to take advantage of lower prices. Plus, you may be able to get a more convenient delivery since the company won't be as busy, and you may have more time to spend taking to your delivery professional if needed. You are also sure to feel good in knowing that you are stocked up on heating oil for when the temperatures plunge.

2. Buy More at Once

Even though you may experience sticker shock when filling up your oil tank all at once, doing so can save you a lot of money. If the company that you buy your heating oil from is like many, you may get a discount and pay less per gallon if you buy a larger quantity of oil at once. Plus, one top of potentially getting a lower rate on the oil itself, you can also only pay one delivery fee rather than paying multiple.

3. Ask About Applicable Discounts

Have you ever just actually asked your heating oil company for a discount? Many offer discounts that they don't really tell you about but that you can score if you ask. You might get one for being over a certain age, being a member of a certain organization, being active or retired military or even having energy efficient heating equipment in your home. Ask about these programs to see if you qualify for any of them, since you may be able to get a discount on every gallon of heating oil that you purchase.

You shouldn't have to pay too much for heating oil. Luckily, you don't have to if you follow these three tips for saving money on the oil that you need to heat your home.