Hurricanes And Propane: Why Propane Is A Necessity When Disaster Is Imminent

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Hurricane season in the Atlantic is scheduled from the first of June through the end of November. Experts at The Weather Channel are predicting 2016's hurricane season to be the most active since 2012. A total of 14 named storms, with eight of those being hurricanes, are predicted for this year. This is higher than the 30-year average. These numbers can be daunting, but if you use the following tips, you can weather the storm and handle the accompanying inconveniences.

Plan Ahead

It is important for residents who may be affected by a hurricane in the Atlantic to take the proper precautions now; it's never a good idea to wait until a storm is imminent. Make sure your cupboards are stocked with non-perishable foods and lots of bottled water. You should have bags packed with clothing and other essentials that you can easily grab and toss in the car if you have to evacuate. Have your important documents secured in a fireproof, waterproof, portable safe that you can easily take along when you leave. If you decide to shelter in place, have a plan in place to allow you to do that without a great hardship to you and your family.

Procure a Propane Generator

If you are going to shelter in place, it is imperative that you have a plan to keep a few lights on and provide electricity for necessary things, such as heating water, cooking and powering small appliances. The safest and most cost-effective way to do this is by utilizing a propane generator. Propane generators are more cost-effective than other types of generators. A propane generator has a longer lifespan than other generators, making it a better investment than cheaper, lower-quality generators. Propane is also cheaper than other fuel sources, so the cost to run the generator is less. The higher initial purchase price of a propane generator is offset by the very low cost to operate the device. Propane is also a safer fuel source than some others, so it is great for homes with elderly family members, children, and pets.

You don't have to buy stock in a battery company to get through the next tropical storm or hurricane. Purchase a propane-powered generator now before the hurricane season demand drives up the prices. Keep propane fuel stocked; again, purchase when prices are low, and not during the height of a crisis when prices are driven up. A propane generator is a wise investment, no matter where you live.

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