How To Make A Business Waste Reduction Program More Convenient

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Recycling and waste reduction can have great impacts on your bottom line, your business ethics, and the environment. Creating a new waste reduction program for your business, however, can be daunting, as you'll need to devote many resources to making the switch work. Here are some ways to effectively integrate a waste reduction program into your business. 

Get a Good Recycling Company

The first step to making your waste reduction program work is finding an excellent recycling center that is geared towards businesses. There are a few ways that your recycling service can be integral in making recycling efficient. For instance, look for a facility that has all-in-one commercial recycling. This means that they will be a one stop shop for recycling any and all recycling materials. On collection day, they simply accept all of your recyclables and then they will sort them on site. What they can use, they may ship to a specialized recycling facility. This will save you a huge administrative hassle of coordinating many different recycling pickups. 

Another thing that a great recycling center can offer to businesses is regular pickups at your office site. This means that you won't have to worry about scheduling a pickup or transporting recyclable goods to their facility. Of course, if you have a surplus of recyclables due to a special occasion, you can schedule an earlier pickup or choose roll-off dumpsters to store the surplus. 

Consider New Suppliers

Another thing that can lead to surplus of waste is when you buy too many supplies because the supply chain takes too long to do orders on short turnaround. You may stockpile more goods than what you end up using this way, leading them to go straight to the dump. Consider looking for local, small-batch suppliers and office supply companies so that you can reduce your batch orders. 

Spell it Out for Employees

Another part of making a successful waste reduction program is to educate employees about what that means for them. A training session can be helpful at the start to onboard employees to a new way of thinking about dealing with recyclable goods. But you should also incorporate your new recycling and waste reduction policies into the employee handbook. Some employers also use the employee review as a time to go over recycling and waste management policies, as a way to benchmark employees' success at adapting to the program.