Why Having Mice Removed Is Safer For Your Cats

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Cats have a reputation for being remarkable hunters, taking down birds and rodents with ease. While this is true of most cats, that doesn't necessarily make it safe. If you're having a mouse infestation at your home or property and expect your cats to take care of it for you, you might be in for more trouble than you'd like. Read on to learn about the possible risk to your cats and what you can do to avoid causing them harm while still getting rid of the mice.

Poison Risk

One of the most common at-home methods for getting rid of mice is to use mouse poison. This tends to be an effective way of getting rid of your mice, but as a result, their bodies may end up lying around wherever they consumed the poison. Unfortunately, your cat could potentially end up coming into contact with the mouse. If consumed, the poison could pose a serious threat to their health, so this isn't a good choice for people with cats.

Diseases Carried

Using electric or manual traps is another classic way of getting rid of mice. It eliminates the trouble of using poison, so your cat won't be imbibing poison if they eat the dead mouse. However, your cat could still be harmed by the trap itself. Cats are very curious animals, and if the area smells of mice, you can be sure that they'll want to investigate. This means that even if you put the trap in a cupboard or hide it from your cats, they may find a way to get in and get hurt.

Letting Your Cat Do the Work

If your cat enjoys hunting, you might be interested in just letting them take care of the problem for you. However, be aware that mice carry many diseases which could potentially be contracted by your cat if they bite or eat the mouse. Rodents often carry illnesses like rabies or even the plague, so it may not be a good idea to let your cat hunt them.

The Alternative

Rather than killing the mice yourself, it may be wiser to hire a professional to trap them. This humane method lures the mice in and contains them, allowing them to be relocated to a place where they won't be a bother to homeowners. Your cat won't be exposed to toxins, traps, or diseases, and your home will be rid of its rodent infestation.

Finding mice in your home is appalling and it can potentially put your cat's health at risk. If you think you have a mouse problem, call a professional, like Environmental Services Pest Control, to have them removed immediately to keep you and your cat safe.